Finding A Great Beard Style For Your Face

A man’s look is greatly influenced by any beard style. Thus it’s important for one to choose the right beard style based on face shape.

There being so many beard styles makes it difficult for one to know which style best suits his face.


Rectangular face

These men should wear a short beard with thick hair along the sides, preferably without a goatee. This will shorten and make their faces round. Wearing just a mustache should be avoided.

Round face

Most beard styles go well with the round-faced men. However, to slim down and lengthen the face choosing a beard style that is fairly long at the chin and shorter on the cheeks is recommended.


Square face 

To give the face a more rounded look, a long beard style with a goatee/mustache is ideal.

Oval shape

Oval-shaped men look good in almost all beard styles, however, too long goatees should be avoided.


Heart shaped face

It goes well with a full beard style with a shabby look. Hair should be let to grow around the neck and above the Adam’s apple. Avoid too thick sideburns.

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