6 Incredible Treasures Found With A Metal Detector

Looking at the Precious antiques found in museums it is hard to imagine that a lone treasure seeker used a simple metal detector to scan the sand at the beach to get those stunning gems.

Surprisingly, a retired businessman from Scotland unearthed Viking silver and gold artifacts that date back 1000 years. This gold and silver is valued for about six figures.

The good news is that there are more historical relics waiting to be discovered.

This brief overview looks into the top 6 largest finds that were discovered using a metal detector that will make you rethink getting a metal detector.

6 Incredible Treasures Found With a Metal Detector

· Ringlemere Cup- Back in 2001, Cliff Bradshaw who was a metal detector hobbyist made an amazing discovery with his Fisher F2 metal detector a review of which can be found here. that shocked many. Mr Bradshaw was busy digging a muddy field next to Ringelemere, East Kent when he unearthed a rare and exquisite gold chalice named Ringlemere Cup. This piece was the second of its type to be discovered in Britain since 1837. The vase dates back 2300-4000 years ago. Mr Bradshaw went on to sell the stunning gold cup to the British Museum for an overwhelming £270,000.


· Fishpool Hoard-The Fishpool Hoard was a large hoard of gold and enamel brooches that was found in a Fishpool Hoard back in 1966. Workmen were digging on a bulding site when they accidentally came across one of the largest hoards of medieval coins ever discovered in Britain.

The hoard contained 1237 gold coins, four pieces of jewelry, two gold chains and four rings all dating back to the 15th century. Apparently, the hoard had been buried by a person who was fleeing from the famous War of the Roses battles. This enormous hoard was sold to the British Museum for £300,000


· Roman Coin Hoard-Dave Crisp could not have imagined finding more than one roman silver coin when he began his search on a farmer’s field located near Frome. Luck was on his side as after some hors of searching, Mr. Crisp received an unexpected signal which later turned out to be a large hoard of coins. An emergency three day excavation, the search unearthed more than 52,000 Roman coins. These coins were valued at nearly half a million pounds. However, Dave was not too lucky as the entire find had to be confiscated by the Crown.

· Stolen nest egg– Back in 1946, postal inspectors had what can be regarded as a lucky hunch regarding a deceased post office. The employees went ahead to borrow a metal detector from the U.S. Army and to their surprise thir suspicions were right. After digging 9 feet underground in the man’s backyard, the employees discovered $153,150 worth of cash that had been stashed in cans and jars inside a stovepipe.


· Skeleton clutching coins– In 1952, pirate specialist and maritime historian Edward Rowe Snow carried his metal detector and an old map to the small island located off the coast of Nova Scotia. Edward Rome was one lucky man as his metal detector led hime to a pile of 18th century Portugeese and Spanish doubloons. To top it off the historian also found a skeleton that was surprisingly clutching coins.

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