Tree Cutting DIY Style – Safety Guide

In the majority of cases tree cutting should be left to a professional like Arlington tree service.

However if the tree you intend to cut is relatively small, in an open safe it may be possible to carry out this work yourself following the safety tips below:

The tools


• Kevlar leg coverings, steel toe boots, a hard hat, goggles and heavy duty gloves
• A sharp chainsaw with a full tank of gas
• Rope
• Ladder
• Wedges
• Ax

Tap the tree with your ax if it sounds hollow the tree may be dying or dead. If it sounds solid then it is live and so more difficult to take down. Tap different points on the tree to find a spot which is easier to cut.

Find a spot on the tree which is level just so that it does not bounce, roll or move unpredictably causing injuries.

tree cut

Start by making a horizontal cut which should be above your hip but extend around one-third the thickness of the tree.

Add a wedge cut. This will be either on the top or the bottom of the first horizontal cut you made.

This cut will determine how the tree falls. The cut should be thick and around 1.5 inches on top of the horizontal cut. Introduce a wedge to prevent the tree from angling on the chainsaw.

tree cut 2

Now that the cut is completed you will have an even holding wood or you will see the tree begin to fall.

When the tree is about to fall make sure to get out via your escape route.

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