Can You Really Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains With Vinegar & Ice Cubes?

From time to time you will find that your carpet falls victim to some accidents for example, spilling, gum sticking, and drops.

Below are tips on how to effectively clean your carpet and fuel your addiction!

1. Avoid rubbing the stain concentrated spots and instead dab the spot with a clean cloth socked in a cleaning solution.


The aim of this process is to soak up the stained spot and absorb the discoloration. Rubbing would spread the color further on the carpet.

2. Use ice cubes to get rid of chewing gum on your carpet. Place the ice cubes on the gum for about 30 minutes to freeze it. Then use a spoon to scrap it off.


3. Use shaving cream or club soda to get rid of wine and beer stains on your carpet. This is a life hack that many people do not know about or aren’t sure.

carpet stains

4. Melted wax from a candle can drip on your carpet making it unsightly. Place a cloth over the spot woth the wax and run a hot iron across it. When the wax melts, use a butter knife to scrap it off immediately.

Video by carpet cleaning hertford

I hope these tricks will come in handy someday for you.

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