Simple Fridge Problems & How To Fix Them (For Men Only)

A refrigerator is a vital piece of equipment at home. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to keep groceries fresh. If the breakdown is a major problem, then it would a good idea to get in contact with refrigerator repair. However, you could troubleshoot and fix simple refrigerator problems. The principle behind keeping food fresh is simple; remove the heat. To accomplish this, a gas (refrigerant) is used to absorb the heat that is generated inside the freezer. A compressor pumps the refrigerant through tubing where it absorbs the heat from the warm air inside.

If your fridge breaks down, it is possible to troubleshoot and fixes the problem yourself. Here are three solutions to three simple problems provided by the experts at Louisville Appliance Repair

•Your Fridge Does Not Cool – This could be due to loss of power. Check that the socket connection is okay. If you open the door and the light does not come on, then check out the following. Make sure the thermostat has not been turned down and also check the air vents to make sure that they are not blocked. Check the coils to make sure they are not blocked. Proper airflow is required to create a chill. Check the condenser fan and clean it if it is clogged up with dust. Your fridge should now run a chill properly.

•Your Fridge Has Puddles of Water – The first culprit is the water supply line connected to the icemaker. If the inlet valve is leaking, tighten the nuts. Replace the copper tube if it is leaking. Check the drain tube to make sure it is not clogged. Blow air through it to make sure that it is clear. If your fridge is in a slanting position, water puddles can form. Experts from refrigerator repair Orange County advice keeping the fridge level to drain water into the pan.


•The Icemaker Is Not Working – To diagnose this problem, check the water tube that supplies water. It can get clogged with ice if the water is trickling slowly. Another problem could be the saddle valve. This can also be clogged with ice. This is very easy to clear by making sure the needle hole is open. Also, check the electric inlet valve. It is advisable to turn off the saddle valve water before disconnecting the inlet valve supply tube. Turn on the saddle valve water supply. If water flow is okay, the problem is a faulty inlet valve. Replacing this should solve the problem.


You should know that refrigerators will operate well if the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is too cold, the refrigerant pressure cannot generate a chill. In turn, the freezer can only attain a chill equal to the outside temperature. If you are not able to diagnose and solve the problem, then you should contact refrigerator repair Orange County for assistance.

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My Handy Hacks For Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new place generally needs a lot of effort

You need to make all the arrangements, schedule a date with the moving company, make sure all your things are packed, etc.

However, removals need a little planning. Here’s how it goes:

· Preparation and packing

· Labeling the packed items

· Moving in


home, people, moving and real estate concept - happy couple having fun and riding in cardboard boxes at new home

Preparation and packing

According to New Chapter Removals Cardiff you should plan and decide what the things you need to pack are. Start packing them a few days prior to the scheduled date for moving. Take a note of all the things packed, so that you won’t leave your important items behind.

Labeling the packed items

Surely you wouldn’t want to mix up all the items while packing. It would increase unnecessary troubles while unpacking them. So, label and categorize the boxes to let your moving company know where those items would be kept.

Moving in

Unpack your items as soon as they are shipped to your new place. Make sure to check whether any of your items got damaged while shipment. Then you need to arrange all the things and place them in suitable places. That’s all you need for an easy, hassle-free moving.


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How To Clean Upholstery: Doing Things Right!

Upholstery cleaning should be on a regular basis utilizing an upholstery attachment that is on virtually all domestic vacuum cleaners to remove any surface dust and dirt, especially on the most important areas.

Where materials cannot be put in a clothes washer for the best results, just like the main areas of sofas, armchairs and dining chairs they could be cleaned using a carpet and upholstery shampoo solution.


Image – London sofa cleaning

This can be applied by hand; nevertheless, for best results is applied by using a carpet washing machine along with a separate upholstery cleaning accessory.

Always deal with unsightly stains immediately when they happen by using a high-quality carpet and upholstery spot and stain remover, and try to follow the instructions carefully.

If the particular stained part of the upholstery can be placed a clothes washer do this for the very best results.


Another alternative to cleaning upholstery yourself is to employ the help of experienced carpet and upholstery providers.

This can frequently generate the best results if you can’t machine wash your upholstery or parts of it, have not got a carpet washing machine suitable for cleaning upholstery.

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Can You Really Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains With Vinegar & Ice Cubes?

From time to time you will find that your carpet falls victim to some accidents for example, spilling, gum sticking, and drops.

Below are tips on how to effectively clean your carpet and fuel your addiction!

1. Avoid rubbing the stain concentrated spots and instead dab the spot with a clean cloth socked in a cleaning solution.


The aim of this process is to soak up the stained spot and absorb the discoloration. Rubbing would spread the color further on the carpet.

2. Use ice cubes to get rid of chewing gum on your carpet. Place the ice cubes on the gum for about 30 minutes to freeze it. Then use a spoon to scrap it off.


3. Use shaving cream or club soda to get rid of wine and beer stains on your carpet. This is a life hack that many people do not know about or aren’t sure.

carpet stains

4. Melted wax from a candle can drip on your carpet making it unsightly. Place a cloth over the spot woth the wax and run a hot iron across it. When the wax melts, use a butter knife to scrap it off immediately.

Video by carpet cleaning hertford

I hope these tricks will come in handy someday for you.

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Tree Cutting DIY Style – Safety Guide

In the majority of cases tree cutting should be left to a professional like Arlington tree service.

However if the tree you intend to cut is relatively small, in an open safe it may be possible to carry out this work yourself following the safety tips below:

The tools


• Kevlar leg coverings, steel toe boots, a hard hat, goggles and heavy duty gloves
• A sharp chainsaw with a full tank of gas
• Rope
• Ladder
• Wedges
• Ax

Tap the tree with your ax if it sounds hollow the tree may be dying or dead. If it sounds solid then it is live and so more difficult to take down. Tap different points on the tree to find a spot which is easier to cut.

Find a spot on the tree which is level just so that it does not bounce, roll or move unpredictably causing injuries.

tree cut

Start by making a horizontal cut which should be above your hip but extend around one-third the thickness of the tree.

Add a wedge cut. This will be either on the top or the bottom of the first horizontal cut you made.

This cut will determine how the tree falls. The cut should be thick and around 1.5 inches on top of the horizontal cut. Introduce a wedge to prevent the tree from angling on the chainsaw.

tree cut 2

Now that the cut is completed you will have an even holding wood or you will see the tree begin to fall.

When the tree is about to fall make sure to get out via your escape route.

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How To Replace And Install A Light Switch – The Guide For Men Only!

There are many times when a homeowner wishes to change the location of a light switch or install a brand new switch in a renovated room. Unfortunately, the process can be complicated for beginners and requires dealing with electrical wiring.

It’s usually best to consult a residential electrician before cutting into the drywall and handling wiring, even if the power has been disconnected properly.

Moving a Light Switch

Sometimes moving a light switch to an entirely different area is necessary. Some homes, for example, have poor wiring design and place all outlets on one side of the room.

Moving a switch, however, can be a fairly complicated process and requires first turning off the power to the area. Next, a gap must be cut in the drywall, and new 14 gage wiring must be hurry to the new area.

Passing divider studs requires cutting a one-inch opening into the drywall at each stud which must be patched later.

It can take many hours for an amateur to move a light switch, but an electrician like electrical contractor Las Vegas can complete the task quickly.

Light Switch Installation

Installing a new light switch can be even more complicated than moving an existing wall switch. There are three main types of switches to choose from: toggle, mercury, and silent.

Complete installation of a new wall switch requires cutting into the drywall and feeding wire through the wall to the new source.

Electrical wiring must be stripped and properly installed on the new switch to control a single light.

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How To Use Messaging Apps – A Beginners Guide

1.The setupFirst: Ensure your Snapchat name is entertaining. Not at all like Instagram, you won’t have the capacity to change your name once it’s set, so pick wisely.

Then, modify your settings by tapping the apparition on top of your screen, trailed by the rigging symbol in the upper-right corner. This is the place you can deal with your data: who can see your Stories (more on those later), reach you, or discover your record utilizing your versatile number. You’ll additionally need to ensure your channels are turned on in Settings > Manage

2.Terminology: Photos or recordings you send to a companion (or numerous companions). Snap is self-destructing; once somebody opens it, it disappears.

Stories: Compilations of Snaps any of your companions can see for up to 24-hours. Your Story is progressing, so regardless of the possibility that one of your Snaps terminates, the more up to date ones are still viewable.

Snap Score: Normal individuals appear to have no clue how scores are figured. As indicated by Snapchat, it’s a blend of the quantity of Snaps you’ve sent and gotten, Stories you’ve posted, and other factors.

Snapstreak: If you’ve sent a similar companion Snaps for a couple of back to back days, you’re on a Snapstreak.

Screenshot: Thought you’d take a photo of a Snap to make it last more? Busted. A client is informed at whatever point one of their Snaps is screenshotted—either in an individual snap or their Story.

Discover: These are channels made by different distributors for a mass group of onlookers—ESPN, Food Network, Comedy Central, etc.

Replay: You can replay the last snap you saw once every day, so utilize this capacity wisely

3.SnappingSnapchat has three screens: the one it dispatches to is your camera see. Press the hover on the base center of your screen once for a photograph, or hold it down to record a video (up to 10 seconds).

Much the same as in your telephone camera or Instagram, you can switch between the front and back confront cameras by tapping the square bolt symbol in the upper right corner—or by twofold tapping anyplace on the screen.

Next week we will be reviewing the Moco – chat, meet people app for those that need a little love in their lives, I know I do!

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6 Incredible Treasures Found With A Metal Detector

Looking at the Precious antiques found in museums it is hard to imagine that a lone treasure seeker used a simple metal detector to scan the sand at the beach to get those stunning gems.

Surprisingly, a retired businessman from Scotland unearthed Viking silver and gold artifacts that date back 1000 years. This gold and silver is valued for about six figures.

The good news is that there are more historical relics waiting to be discovered.

This brief overview looks into the top 6 largest finds that were discovered using a metal detector that will make you rethink getting a metal detector.

6 Incredible Treasures Found With a Metal Detector

· Ringlemere Cup- Back in 2001, Cliff Bradshaw who was a metal detector hobbyist made an amazing discovery with his Fisher F2 metal detector a review of which can be found here. that shocked many. Mr Bradshaw was busy digging a muddy field next to Ringelemere, East Kent when he unearthed a rare and exquisite gold chalice named Ringlemere Cup. This piece was the second of its type to be discovered in Britain since 1837. The vase dates back 2300-4000 years ago. Mr Bradshaw went on to sell the stunning gold cup to the British Museum for an overwhelming £270,000.


· Fishpool Hoard-The Fishpool Hoard was a large hoard of gold and enamel brooches that was found in a Fishpool Hoard back in 1966. Workmen were digging on a bulding site when they accidentally came across one of the largest hoards of medieval coins ever discovered in Britain.

The hoard contained 1237 gold coins, four pieces of jewelry, two gold chains and four rings all dating back to the 15th century. Apparently, the hoard had been buried by a person who was fleeing from the famous War of the Roses battles. This enormous hoard was sold to the British Museum for £300,000


· Roman Coin Hoard-Dave Crisp could not have imagined finding more than one roman silver coin when he began his search on a farmer’s field located near Frome. Luck was on his side as after some hors of searching, Mr. Crisp received an unexpected signal which later turned out to be a large hoard of coins. An emergency three day excavation, the search unearthed more than 52,000 Roman coins. These coins were valued at nearly half a million pounds. However, Dave was not too lucky as the entire find had to be confiscated by the Crown.

· Stolen nest egg– Back in 1946, postal inspectors had what can be regarded as a lucky hunch regarding a deceased post office. The employees went ahead to borrow a metal detector from the U.S. Army and to their surprise thir suspicions were right. After digging 9 feet underground in the man’s backyard, the employees discovered $153,150 worth of cash that had been stashed in cans and jars inside a stovepipe.


· Skeleton clutching coins– In 1952, pirate specialist and maritime historian Edward Rowe Snow carried his metal detector and an old map to the small island located off the coast of Nova Scotia. Edward Rome was one lucky man as his metal detector led hime to a pile of 18th century Portugeese and Spanish doubloons. To top it off the historian also found a skeleton that was surprisingly clutching coins.

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Top 10 Dental Questions You Should Ask

People are always encouraged to ask questions irrespective of their gender, age and ethnicity. These questions may be directed to friends, doctors, relatives or even spouses at different places.

But when it comes to health matters, asking a dentist like Las Vegas dentures dental questions is one of the most important thing for a longer health-care. Some of the questions that you may ask include;

1. How often should I get a dental check-up?

It is advisable that adults should visit their dentists once or twice a year, but this might vary as people have different dental health patterns. This visits will enable you have a proper teeth clean up that will prevent potential problems.

2. How can I best practice good oral hygiene at home?

This is very simple, you can ensure that you use dental products that contain fluoride, avoid sugary snacks, avoid tobacco in any form and eat a balanced diet which includes fruits.

3. Why is important for me to have dental x-rays taken?

Dental x-rays are very important as they help to examine the hidden areas of your mouth that need a proper comparison against changes that may occur between visits. If you have a higher risk for dental caries. It is advisable to conduct the x-ray every six to 18 months.


4. How do I prevent Tooth decay

Tooth decay can easily be prevented through following a balanced diet, and cutting down on snacks and sugary substances. Brushing your teeth twice a day and rinsing your mouth after every meal will also do your teeth a lot of justice.

5. What is tooth sensitivity? How comes I have it?

Well, tooth sensitivity is a situation whereby by one feels a lot of pain when they partake of drinks that are so cold or hot, sweet or acidic. This is always as a result of thin tooth enamel which is not able to protect your pulp from extreme temperatures. One can get this condition through fractured teeth, tooth whitening or receding gums.

6. Why should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants are the best and most effective ways of replacing missing or weakened teeth. Implants are always the best for adults as they prevent the teeth from moving or becoming loose.

7. Should I use mouthwash all the time?

Mouthwashes are ideal for freshening breath and maintaining a healthy color and hence are recommended.

8. At what age should my child first see a dentist?

Once the first tooth erupts, this is the best time to see your dentist. It will help prevent your child from acquiring potential dental problems.

9. When do baby teeth typically fall out?

It has been observed that most children begin to lose their teeth at the age of six and eight. This teeth fall out at almost the same order they erupted.

10. How can I improve the whiteness of my teeth?

This can be achieved through avoiding substances like wine, coffee, tobacco and pigment foods which may stain your teeth. Or if you must use any of them, then it is good to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with plenty of water. These will help you maintain beautiful smiles.

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Fire Safety Tips To Keep Your Home Safe In 2017

Fire causes death to an average of 5000 UK citizens each year; it is estimated that an 80% death rate is reported from house fires.

There are some simple steps that can and should be taken to prevent a fire from starting in your home.

The big reason for fires breaking out is often forgetfulness. People forget to turn off a heated curler or a saucepan which can be disastrous. If you leave some water to boil on a gas hob and then walk away and forget about it the water will slowly evaporate and then the pan will slowly begin to melt – this can be fatal.


Infographic – NW Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

People also often forget how dangerous candles can be. You should carefully position candles to decrease the chance of them being knocked over or to lower the chance of the flame touching a nearby object. Most importantly – always remember to blow them out.

Chip pan fires are widely reported in the press as being a major cause of house fires – again this is often down to carelessness. You should always keep an eye on it while you are cooking – never walk out of the room and leave it unattended.

Cigarettes are also a cause of house fires. If you imagine, smokers may accidently fall asleep on the sofa with a lit cigarette – this could be disastrous.

In case you do ever forget about an appliance or a lit candle you should ALWAYS have smoke alarms installed in your home. Experts recommend that you have a smoke alarm installed on each floor, in the bedrooms and near to the staircases. You should regularly check that the smoke alarms are still working once a month – as the batteries may have run out.

It is also advisable that you get your home electrics checked over by an electrician – especially if you move into an old home. Faulty electrics are also a cause of house fires.

Should any of the above ever happen to you, it is vital that you know what to do so you don’t panic. In this case, a fire safety course would come in extremely handy.

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